Company History

The company was founded by Judith Bright in Nashville, TN in 2005 following a lifelong passion for jewelry and design.

She learned some jewelry-making techniques at Barnsdall Art Park in Los Angeles and during a family Gap Year in Italy, took silversmithing & wax carving classes at Le Arti Orafe school in Florence. She and her family chose Nashville for the entrepreneur-friendly environment. She worked for 2 years teaching herself to make wire-wrapped jewelry and learning about materials and gemstones. She worked on her process and her design voice while selling jewelry from her basement.

Discovering a niche in the market during the recession, the timing was right for her brand of jewelry which is technically called "bridge jewelry". It bridges the gap between fashion and fine jewelry. The difference is in the affordable, but quality materials of semi-precious gemstones, 14K Gold-Filled & Sterling Silver metals and the method of jewelry-making involving securing gemstones with wire, not using heat or chemicals in the production process.

She launched her first website in 2007 and held an open studio on Fridays. She then moved to home shows in Nashville and in various cities across the country. She opened her first store in Nashville in 2010 and now has 2 stores in the Nashville area and 1 store in Franklin, TN. The company employs 8 full-time jewelry artisans and 12 Judith Bright jewelry gurus in sales, production, and management, along with our team of part-timers, seasonal sales associates, and college/high school interns. 

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