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At JB, we not only hand-make all of our jewelry, we handpick all of our materials. Our gemstones are carefully selected from trusted providers worldwide and our metals are sourced only in the United States. Making smart, transparent choices with our materials is part of our promise to give you only the real deal. It’s also one way we are able to provide high-quality pieces at an affordable price.


The metals we feature in our designs are purchased only in the United States and include 14 Karat Gold-Filled and Sterling Silver. We use these metals because they provide the highest quality at the most affordable price.


14K Gold-filled is a durable gold product affording the look of solid gold at a fraction of the cost. It is made by bonding a layer of 14K Gold to a base metal, usually brass, through heat and pressure. (Think of the base metal as a sponge and the layer of gold filling in the holes when heated.) It is sturdier than gold plate—which has an ultra-thin coating and can turn colors and eventually chip off—or vermeil, which can rub off through normal wear. 14/20 Gold-Filled materials are regulated by the Federal Trade Commission and must contain 1/20th of 14K Gold.

If you can wear gold, you can wear gold-filled without worries of an allergic reaction as all of our jewelry is nickel-free. Judith is very allergic to nickel and can wear every piece in the line with no problem.


We offer Argentium Sterling Silver where possible, because it is a pure silver with the alloy Germanium (rather than the usual copper), which reduces tarnishing considerably.

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