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Looking for other things to do in Franklin? We've got you covered!


1. Explore Franklin's Historic Downtown Area

Just a short drive from The Factory, you'll find Downtown Franklin! Here you can find vintage movie theaters, charming general stores, and tons of trendy restaurants and boutiques.  Also, all of the shops in the area are dog friendly so be sure to bring your furry friend along with you for the day! 


 Some of our favorite shops: The Heirloom Shop, Vinnie Louise, Riverside FranklinFinnley's.


Our favorite places to eat & drink: Ruby Sunshine, GRAY'S on Main, Puckett's Boat House, Kilwins.


2. When in Tennessee...Visit a Whiskey Distillery!

The Masters & Makers Trail winds through the scenic beauty of the Williamson County countryside. Along the trail, you'll find wineries and distilleries home to the wine and spirit "masters" of Tennessee. 


3. Franklin On Foot Tours

Food tours are an awesome way to try every restaurant all in one day while also learning some history about the town. Located right in the Downtown area, you can sign up here to try everything the Franklin food & drink scene has to offer. You can also find multiple other tours on this site, whether you're into ghosts, history, or want a kid's friendly option - they have it!

We hope you have an amazing trip to Franklin, TN!

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