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A selection of Judith Bright pieces are available in our Readymade Collection. Items in the Readymade collection are taken to the post office the same day if ordered by 12pm CST Monday to Friday. If ordered after 12pm, they are taken to the post office the next business day. If you need something sooner, just message us — we always do our best to help!

PLEASE NOTE: If Readymade items are combined with regular items in your cart, they will go into our standard production queue. Judith Bright does not offer split shipments. If you need the Readymade item immediately, we suggest you order it separately from items that are not in the Readymade collection.

SHIPPING TIMES: If you need a Readymade item shipped quickly, 
we recommend upgrading your shipping to priority or FedEx overnight at checkout d
ue to the current USPS processing times.

The metals we feature in our designs are purchased only in the United States and include 14 Karat Gold-Filled, Sterling Silver, and in some instances Rose Gold-Filled. We use these metals because they provide the highest quality at the most affordable price.

14K Gold-filled is a durable gold product affording the look of solid gold at a fraction of the cost. It is made by bonding a layer of 14K Gold to a base metal, usually brass, through heat and pressure. (Think of the base metal as a sponge and the layer of gold filling in the holes when heated.)  It is sturdier than gold plate — which has an ultra-thin coating and can turn colors and eventually chip off — or vermeil, which can rub off through normal wear. 14/20 Gold-Filled materials are regulated by the Federal Trade Commission and must contain 1/20th of 14K Gold.

If you can wear gold, you can wear gold-filled without worries of an allergic reaction as all of our jewelry is nickel-free. Judith is very allergic to nickel and can wear every piece in the line with no problem.


Rose Gold-Filled is the same as above, with the addition of the alloy copper to give it the pink tone. 

Rose Gold-Fill

Sterling Silver 

We offer Argentium Sterling Silver where possible, because it is a pure silver with the alloy Germanium (rather than the usual copper), which reduces tarnishing considerably.

Sterling Silver


Judith Bright Gemstones & Metaphysical Properties
Above is the list of gemstones we carry as well as their metaphysical properties! We carry all of our gemstones in our smallest size (rondelle), however not each of our gemstones is available in every size offered. If you have any questions about gemstone availability, feel free to email us 
here; or call one of our Nashville or Atlanta gurus! Our Nashville store phone number is (615)269-5600, and our Atlanta store phone number is (404)803-0915!
Unfortunately, no. We are unable to work with any materials other than our own.
No! That’s never a good idea with any of your jewelry.
The metals we use can tarnish like solid gold, due to several factors such as perfume, perspiration, soap, chemicals, and body chemistry. Some days, depending on your ph or your lotions, your finger can darken underneath a ring. We’ve even found that when we are low on iron, our skin can darken temporarily. Luckily, you can use a silver polishing cloth and Dawn dishwashing soap to keep your jewelry looking as good as new. Sometimes our finest chains will darken permanently if they are worn constantly, showered in or swam in, in either the ocean or a pool.
No! Judith is super-allergic to nickel and is able to wear all of our jewelry.

Absolutely! Each of our chokers and necklaces is available in many different length options! Just choose your desired length from the drop-down menu on our website! Each additional inch of length is just $5!

If you would like a length not listed on the product drop-down menu, please message us here. The charge will be proportionate to what you need! No worries, we make adjustments all the time and we are so glad to do it. We want everyone in all shapes and sizes to wear our jewelry.

Our passion at JB is making jewelry that is not only beautiful but meaningful. Every piece is 100% customizable within the product line, which means that you can choose your own gem, your own metal, your own combinations, and your own size. Because every single piece of our jewelry is handmade by artisans in our studio, we can customize our pieces to fit your needs and wants. That includes sizing. Bracelets and cuffs can be made to accommodate wrists of all sizes, necklaces can be shortened or extended, and rings are available in sizes that are otherwise hard to find.

We only do custom sizing and customization within our designs. For instance, you can have 90% of our jewelry in 14K Gold-Filled, Rose Gold-Filled and sterling silver and in up to 40 different gemstones.

We want you to wear your jewelry and we certainly don’t want it sitting in a drawer. That’s why we will do whatever we can to make your piece fit you and your personal style perfectly. If you receive a piece that needs an adjustment, don't hesitate to contact us!

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