We want to keep you in your JB, therefore we are happy to provide repairs! The fee is 15% of the original cost of your piece. 

The majority of jewelry that comes back for repair is not due to how it is made, but rather improper care of jewelry. Please understand that if we receive your piece and it needs repair due to how it was assembled, we will process it with no fee!

With proper care and careful wear, your Judith Bright jewelry should last a lifetime. If you do happen to need a repair, follow the steps below. If your jewelry arrived broken, please email


1. Fill out the repair form. (don't forget to tell us your size!)

2. Bring your jewelry and form into a Judith Bright store or ship it to:
       3820 Charlotte Ave. #126
       Nashville, TN 37209

3. If you are shipping your item, we recommend using USPS Priority Mail or a private carrier like FedEx or UPS. Judith Bright is not responsible for shipping fees associated with mailing in your item.

4. Standard repairs can take up to 8 weeks. We charge an additional rush fee of $20.00 should you need your repair sooner. 

5. Once your repair is complete we will contact you for pick up at one of our stores or we will ship it back to you compliments of JB!

Thank you so much!

xx, JB Gurus

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