Meet Judith Bright

Here's what you need to know about Judith


Judith Bright

She loves entrepreneurship and encouraging other entrepreneurs.

She loves a good laugh and tries not to take herself too seriously.

She loves to travel to the Far East.

On the 16 Personalities Test, she’s an Advocate, which means she is an inspiring and tireless idealist.

She is also a Scorpio, which means she is ambitious and loyal.

She believes in Karma, so she is intentional about releasing good into the world.

She's a mother to 3 boys, 3 dogs, and a cat.

The beach is her happy place.

And here's the story of how she got here


Judith Bright's passion for jewelry goes back to her earliest memories where she would play for hours in her mother's jewelry box, which was filled with both real and costume jewelry. Judith confesses that she has “always been fascinated by how people adorn themselves. Jewelry is such a unique and expressive art form." Having worked in music publishing for over a decade and as production assistant at The Walt Disney Company prior to that, Judith decided to return to Nashville, the city of her alma mater Vanderbilt University, to devote herself full-time to the craft she loves. Bringing her entrepreneurial spirit to her passion for making quality unique jewelry, Judith launched her eponymous jewelry line in 2005. Always striving for excellence and always seeking authentic experiences, Judith attended Arti Orafe Jewelry School in Florence, Italy and studied at Barnsdall in Los Angeles to improve herself as a designer. Having served as the CEO of JB for over a decade, Judith is passionate about creating artisanal jewelry that is at once beautiful and meaningful.

Professional Involvement

EO Nashville

Nashville Chamber of Commerce

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Nashville Fashion Alliance
Arts and Business Council Nashville