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Posted on September 17 2020

Love+One International ensures critically ill children in Uganda have access to life-saving emergency healthcare and rehabilitative services. In support of their work, Judith has designed a custom charm necklace. 

$10 of each sale goes directly to Love One in support of their important work in assisting this fragile community!


In celebration of the 1-year anniversary of our Love One Charm Necklace, we had the pleasure of interviewing some of the amazing women who work for this organization. Please take the time to learn about their mission and consider purchasing a charm necklace as a donation to the children! 



1. How did Love One begin?

In 2007, Mike and Suzanne Mayernick flew to Uganda to bring their little girl, JosieLove, home from Uganda. When they arrived, the 15-pound shell of a 3 1/2-year-old who they came to adopt was raging with a 105 degree fever and at a routine medical exam, they found out that that she had malaria, tuberculosis, and was HIV positive.

After just a few months at home receiving the love, attention, and the medical care she needed, this once dying little girl blossomed into a healthy, thriving child. Watching JosieLove's transformation sparked a fire inside of Suzanne and she knew that she was called to help more children like her she started Love+One.

Love+One International got its name from JosieLove and the plus sign represents the mission to support the HIV positive population.


2. How did you get involved with Love One?

Alex - My parents have known the Mayernick’s for a very long time! When I was in college at Lipscomb, I needed to do an internship for a summer and I interned with Suzanne with 147 Million Orphans. Fast forward about 3 years down the road, I did mission work overseas for a year and was back in Nashville working at another job. I liked my other job, but it didn’t feel like it was the right fit for me. After a year of prayer, I somehow landed a job at Love One and I couldn’t be more thankful! 


Grace - I went on my first trip to Uganda in 7th grade. The people, culture, and country completely captivated my heart & I’ve been back every year since. Right after I graduated from college, my mom (Suz) started Love One and it was a no-brainer that I work with her organization!


3. How do you connect with the children to facilitate their care and rehab at the Love One Center?

We’ve partnered with OneWorld Health, the local hospital in Masindi. We receive cases of children in critical conditions and desperate need of care, we take them to the hospital to take care of their immediate needs. After they are stable enough to be discharged, they go to the Love One Center for extensive care and rehabilitation, because while they may be stable enough to leave the hospital, they are nowhere near healthy enough to return home to their villages, which are often in extremely rural areas. It’s nearly guaranteed that they would end up back in their unhealthy state if they returned home at the time of discharge. So we bring them to the Love One Center, where we have 4 nurses and a nutritionist on staff. They come up with an individualized care plan for each child (including a nutrient-packed meal plan where they eat around the clock, since 95% of them are malnourished, often among other conditions).

While the children are at the center, we educate their parents on basic needs, nutrition and hygiene. Once the children completely recover, they are resettled with their families in their communities. 


4. How are those relationships maintained when the children go back home?

Each month our staff will go back to the homes of the children who were once at our center to check in on them and to make sure they are still healthy! 

We have children’s church in the villages every week, it’s a time for the kids to come together and sing and have a bible study with the Love One staff. We also do community rehabilitation sessions where we teach people in the community different tools such as how to make nutritious, healthy meals. 


5. How can we get involved in the work you are doing in Uganda?

Praying! We always need prayer! Please pray for our team on the ground in Uganda, the children and families we serve and for the future of Love One as we plan to break ground on our new Love One Center in 2020!


Purchase Love One gear from our online store. 100% of proceeds go directly to the children we serve. We have awesome new Fall gear coming to our online store soon, so stay tuned!

Monetary Donations - click here to give. Every dollar goes towards helping us meet our mission which is to ensure that critically ill children in Uganda receive life-saving medical treatment and rehabilitative services.

Plan your own fundraiser! Use your specific gifts and come up with a creative way to raise money, and make sure to email or message us to tell us about it! Some ways others have done this are by donating their birthdays, using social media platforms, coin collection at an elementary school, and lemonade stands. We love watching people be creative and use their talents, circle of friends, and creative ideas to make a huge difference.


Amazon Smile - If you're an Amazon shopper, use Amazon Smile! It's the exact same as Amazon, but a portion of every purchase is donated to the charity of your choice. Bookmark this link OR choose Love One International as your charity and all of your Amazon purchases will help raise money. It is an easy and effortless way to give!


6. How many times have you each been to Uganda?

Suz- Too many times to count 

Grace- 15

Alex- 1!


7. We had to ask...what are each of your favorite JB pieces (aside from the Love One necklace)?!

Grace- Hammered Band Rings and Elean Post Earrings

Suz- Sandalwood Bracelets 

Alex- Hammered Band Rings






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