Graduation Spotlight

Judith Bright

Posted on May 19 2020


Elizabeth T.
University of Mississippi

Elizabeth has worked with us as Store Guru over the summers and during her college breaks. We are so proud of Elizabeth and excited for her next chapter as she heads to law school!

This spring I will have graduated from Ole Miss with a B.A. in Political Science!
My time at Ole Miss has been amazing, and I have made so many memories at this university. Although I will be continuing my education by attending law school in the fall, I am going to miss the experience of undergrad. There are few times in life where you can be as free as you are in college, and I’m going to miss the simple things in college life that make it so special. Visiting with friends at the sorority house, studying at the library until 3 a.m., and going on road trips to football games and events are just some of the joys of college that I will miss after graduation. Ole Miss and the town of Oxford are such a special place that feels like a storybook setting for the college experience. I’m saddened by the fact that my time in Oxford was cut short, but the memories and things I have learned there are going to last me a lifetime! I’m excited to attend Belmont College of Law in the fall and return to my hometown of Nashville!

Our hats are off to the entire Class of 2020. Whether you have a high school or college graduate to celebrate, check out our Graduation Gift Guide for some ideas! We've even curated stones that are perfect for celebrating the beginning of a new chapter, check them out here!  

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