Care & Repair

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With proper care and careful wear, your Judith Bright jewelry should last a lifetime. Here are some tips for wearing and loving your favorite one of a kind, handmade pieces:

— Do not wear your jewelry in the shower, bath, swimming pool or ocean. Our metals are of high quality, but water will always find a way to wear away at metal.

— Wait until all lotion, sunscreen, medicine, and perfume are dry before putting on your jewelry.

— For cleaning, gold filled and silver jewelry can be treated the same way- using your silver polishing cloth and then gently clean with Dawn dish soap and warm water. For some pieces, it may be appropriate to use a soft-bristled toothbrush to clean them. When you are not wearing your jewelry, place it in a cloth bag to halt the tarnishing process.

Due to the increased cost of our repairs over time, it is not feasible for us to continue providing a free repair service without increasing our prices. In lieu of that, we decided to charge a nominal repair cost if needed. The majority of jewelry that comes back for repair is not due to a manufacturing defect, but rather improper care of jewelry (i.e. breakage due to falling/hitting on hard surfaces, excessive wear, improper storage, wearing in the shower, pool, lake or ocean, contact with beauty products and sunscreen and accidental breakage or dent). We want to keep you in your JB and we want to keep our reasonable prices.

With proper care and careful wear, your Judith Bright jewelry should last a lifetime. Here are some tips for wearing and loving your favorite one of a kind, handmade pieces. If you need a repair, follow the steps below. If your jewelry arrived broken, please email
1. Fill out the repair form. (don't forget to tell us your ring size!)
2. Bring your jewelry and form into a Judith Bright store or ship it to:
       3820 Charlotte Ave. #126
       Nashville, TN 37209
3. If you are shipping your item, we recommend using USPS Priority Mail or a private carrier like FedEx or UPS. Judith Bright is not responsible for shipping fees associated with mailing in your item.
4. Please refer to the graphic to see the repair fee for each piece.

5. Standard repairs can take up to 8 weeks while rush repairs take 5-10 business days.
7. A guru will call or invoice you when we have received your item for payment for the repair, plus the $3 shipping fee.

Holiday Repair Policy

Repair Production comes to a halt on November 1st. Regular repair production resumes January 15th.

f you lose one earring, don’t despair! We can sell you just one. Because items, gemstones, and techniques vary, we do ask that you send the old one into the Nashville studio so that we can make a match and clean it up for you. Please include the repair form with your jewelry as well as your return address and a phone number where we can easily reach you to when we call for your credit card number. The shipping back to you will be on us, as usual! Please allow up to 7-10 business days. 

Judith Bright Jewelry 
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Our XL Hoops are hand-hammered and hand-formed. They are very delicate. Please handle with care. Resist the urge to pull on them or twist them. Be the most careful when you are removing them. We all wear them and when handled with care, they will retain their original shape. If yours have lost their shape, please return them and we will restore them to their original shape.

Our beads are made from real sandalwood. Sandalwood is rare and should be treated carefully. Please do not get them wet or sweaty as that will cause them to dry out and turn white. Imagine putting a glass of water on an unfinished table and how that creates a white ring. It’s the same process. If you find yours to be dried out, please send them back to the store or drop them by and we’ll refresh them with some sandalwood oils. If you find them losing their smell, put them in a ziplock bag overnight and their scent should be restored. You could also call our Nashville store to purchase sandalwood oil! Just be sure to use no more than one drop of oil!

Often people wear perfume and lotions and the beads take on that smell. If you wear them a lot - and we hope you do - they will definitely start to smell more like you!

They will also "get good" meaning they will become darker and shinier. The beads are strung on traditional elastic. The best way for the bracelets to retain their shape is for you to roll them off your arm. Resist pulling on them prior to removing them. Nothing will stretch them out faster.

We get these sturdy seeds from the Reetha Fruit tree found in Nepal. The only thing to remember is not to pull on them excessively which will loosen the threads and not to get them wet.
Our eternally popular hoops close with a Y closure mechanism. The post through the ear clicks down into a Y shape. If it gets loose, please squeeze the bottom of the Y. If it’s too tight, simply put your fingernail down into the Y to loosen it up a bit. People who wear our posts tend to wear them all the time. They will get loose simply by repetition of wear. It’s a pretty straightforward process, but please feel free to contact us for an explanation if it is at all confusing.
Our clasps are hand-hammered and hand-formed. They should click at the closure but after repeated wear, they may become loose. If you find yours to be loose, please come into the stores and we will tighten them up for you. Alternatively, you can send them in for tightening.
Our nested jewelry pieces are delicate mini-sculptures with only a dab of glue to secure the hand wire wrapping. Please treat with care and resist applying pressure to the wire surrounding the gemstones. Ease the backs onto post earrings, and handle rings by their shanks, and nested cuffs and bangles by the metal only. With proper care, your Judith Bright jewelry will last a lifetime!

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