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Jewelry Care

Aja Wing

Posted on February 11 2020

With proper care and careful wear, your Judith Bright jewelry should last a lifetime. Here are some tips for wearing and loving your favorite one of a kind, handmade pieces:

1. Our nest designs are mini-sculptures, so handle these with care. Place and remove nest rings by the shank, or band, rather than pulling them off . Avoid putting your hands in pockets and take care when putting your hands in purses, bags, and backpacks.

2. Roll your beaded sandalwood and dolomite bracelets on and off of your wrist to reduce stretching of the elastic. We use real sandalwood in our bracelets, so if you notice them drying out at all, place them in a plastic ziplock with a small drop of sandalwood oil overnight, and in the morning they'll look hydrated and they will smell amazing!

3. Pinch necklace and bracelet clasps tight so there is a click when you put them on.

4. Do not wear your jewelry in the shower, bath, swimming pool or ocean. Our metals are high quality, but water will always find away to wear away at metal.

5. Wait until all lotion, sunscreen, medicine and perfume are dry before putting on your jewelry.

6. For cleaning, gold filled and silver jewelry can be treated the same way- using your silver polishing cloth and then gently clean with Dawn dish soap and warm water. For some pieces, it may be appropriate to use a soft bristled toothbrush to clean them. When you are not wearing your jewelry, place it in a cloth bag to halt the tarnishing process.

Learn more about caring for specific pieces and materials:

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