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Customer Love

Make it meaningful. Make it your own.


Find a design
you like.


Choose a gem that
speaks to you.


Select the metal or
bead that suits
your style.


Let us fit your
piece perfectly
for you.


shipping, wrapping
and free no-hassle

Our Studio

Our artisans hand-form, hand-hammer and
wire-wrap each piece at the JB studio
in Nashville, Tennessee.

Customer Love

"I get more compliments on
my Judith Bright jewelry than
anything I own!"

-- robin

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Handmade designer jewelry is our passion. Part of every piece in the collection passes through many skilled hands before it gets to you. From gem mines all over the world, to stone-cutters in India, to metal suppliers in New Mexico, to the talented artisans in our Nashville studio. Each piece in our online boutique is a celebration of the universal love of jewelry.